SOLD   This is Snow Whites Witch....a legend of a story from everyone's childhood.  She is going to be entered into the Legends and Myths challenge at  and she will be registered.  She is hand sculpted of polymer clay and she holds her soon to be poisonous apple.  Her cauldron will be bubbling with her potion, all ready to dip her apple.  She is still a work in progress and will be completed by the end of the month.  Hope you enjoy looking at her.  She is approximately 14 inches tall.

Sorry these pictures aren't the best...I will upload more later...thanks for looking!

My first sculpture

 I have made Precious quite a few years ago.  I have the urge to do some more sculpting.  I just might make another version of him :)  He is hand sculpted,  head hands and feet.  His clothes were hand sewn by me no pattern.  His real leather hand cuff and sandals were hand made by me.  His long wooden pipe is hand carved by me.  He is pose-able and is approximately 14 inches tall.

SOLD Moon Raven
Such a wonderful piece! I really enjoyed creating this OOAK paverpol sculpture. Moon Raven stands 16 inches tall and is approximately 5 inches wide at her widest area. She holds in her hands her magickal moon wand. It's wrapped in gold-tone wire with glass beads. Her base is a weighted wrought iron style candle stick. Paverpol is environmental friendly and after applied to the material it hardens to almost stone. She is made of wire, aluminum foil, burlap, lace, and wood. No patterns were used in the making.

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