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I have been inspired by Inkiwell/Inkwell Dede Willingham to make these awesome art cards.  If you ever get a chance to watch her on or youtube channels, you will be amazed at what a wonderful artist she is.

I also enjoy the art of Salvador Dali, surrealism, a magickal type of art.  To me it brings all of the worlds here and beyond together in one place.  A unity...

So here are my cards...  a before and after photo.  A mixed media collage.  I really enjoyed making these and do see some more in my future.

After my first art cards were done I had to just make some more!!  They are so much fun to make.

This is how they look when you just glue down some stuff.

                                    And this is the finished product after painting with acrylic
                                    paints and using some coloured pencils for some other details.
                                   they came out just awesome!

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ICAD 2016
index card a day...  I didn't do alot of them but here is what I did do :)

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